Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hello long lost friends:)

Okay, so after much harassing by well-meaning friends & family...I shall post again:) Like I told Ruth--I got nine months worth...and then I was just tuckered out! So, since September we've obviously been busy. Still looking for a house, but nothing yet. Jamie started first grade and is enjoying school, but is a little disappointed so far. I'm not sure what he was expecting, but I think maybe much harder work perhaps? or more work? Oh well. It gives us a chance to work on patience and learning to obey your elders, right?! I've been busy with bell choir & choir for church. It's been a lot of fun, and I'm glad to be able to contribute but it's also been a lot of work! Halloween has also come & gone--Jamie was a Seattle Seahawks football player and looked really cute. When I look at pictures of him from Halloween I can just picture him in high school in the same kind of pose/football uniform. Oct. 25th was Sarah's (my youngest sister) wedding in WA to Rob Johnson. It was a beautiful wedding-no rain-Sarah looked wonderful and everything went well....the only thing was Sarah forgot to put on a garter & we ended up using a scrunchie! It was pretty funny. Also had a great bachelorette party for her. Just a great wedding weekend overall. Quick, jam-packed & fun. We also have gotten through the crazy month of November--my birthday, Jamie's birthday, and our anniversary. Not much for my birthday-James was working nights but he did make me the most delicious soup ever the night before. He & Jamie got me these beautiful ceramic blue baking dishes I've had my eye on. We celebrated our 8th year married on Nov. 17. We didn't get to go out (James had a union meeting) but we did get to hang out at home, spend some time together & watch a movie. It was pressure:) My kind of night! Then Jamie's 6th birthday--he wanted a bowling party this year. It was a lot of fun--the kids all seemed to enjoy it and he had a blast. It was nice because almost every he invited got to come--and he got to have his party on his actual birthday this year! He was very excited about this (usually since it's so close to Thanksgiving we don't get to have it on the day, but it happened to fall on a Sunday this year before the holiday). His Aunt Sarah got to come so he loved that. A full day of playing with Aunt Sarah---talk about Jamie heaven! But the funny thing is now when he's around the menfolk, all the ladies get pushed to the edges, including Sarah! This was prevalent when we went to Sarah & Rob's for Thanksgiving. Jamie was all about hanging with the guys--daddy, Uncle Rob & Ault (and Travis the day of Thanksgiving). But I barely saw the boy those few days because he was attached to the guys at the hip. He even had a cool little room set up under the stairs (courtesy of Uncle Rob) with a little table with comic books & a light:) Rob even took James, Jamie & Ault on a tour of where he worked--they had a blast, and it was super-cool, but I cannot post the pictures. Last, but not least, the Christmas season is upon us. Tonight was the community carol sing & the Methodist Church Jamie & I have attended for awhile now. It was a lot of fun--I got to play bells & sing in the choir. Anyhow, I'm tired for tonight...and I'm sure my next post will be all photos (since this one is all writing) but I suppose it will be ok. At least I'm posting again, right?! :) Happy Christmas!


bosniaherzegovina said...

Hooray! A post! your stalker is satisfied. :)

RaD said...

Oh, glad I'm not the only one!