Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hello long lost friends:)

Okay, so after much harassing by well-meaning friends & family...I shall post again:) Like I told Ruth--I got nine months worth...and then I was just tuckered out! So, since September we've obviously been busy. Still looking for a house, but nothing yet. Jamie started first grade and is enjoying school, but is a little disappointed so far. I'm not sure what he was expecting, but I think maybe much harder work perhaps? or more work? Oh well. It gives us a chance to work on patience and learning to obey your elders, right?! I've been busy with bell choir & choir for church. It's been a lot of fun, and I'm glad to be able to contribute but it's also been a lot of work! Halloween has also come & gone--Jamie was a Seattle Seahawks football player and looked really cute. When I look at pictures of him from Halloween I can just picture him in high school in the same kind of pose/football uniform. Oct. 25th was Sarah's (my youngest sister) wedding in WA to Rob Johnson. It was a beautiful wedding-no rain-Sarah looked wonderful and everything went well....the only thing was Sarah forgot to put on a garter & we ended up using a scrunchie! It was pretty funny. Also had a great bachelorette party for her. Just a great wedding weekend overall. Quick, jam-packed & fun. We also have gotten through the crazy month of November--my birthday, Jamie's birthday, and our anniversary. Not much for my birthday-James was working nights but he did make me the most delicious soup ever the night before. He & Jamie got me these beautiful ceramic blue baking dishes I've had my eye on. We celebrated our 8th year married on Nov. 17. We didn't get to go out (James had a union meeting) but we did get to hang out at home, spend some time together & watch a movie. It was pressure:) My kind of night! Then Jamie's 6th birthday--he wanted a bowling party this year. It was a lot of fun--the kids all seemed to enjoy it and he had a blast. It was nice because almost every he invited got to come--and he got to have his party on his actual birthday this year! He was very excited about this (usually since it's so close to Thanksgiving we don't get to have it on the day, but it happened to fall on a Sunday this year before the holiday). His Aunt Sarah got to come so he loved that. A full day of playing with Aunt Sarah---talk about Jamie heaven! But the funny thing is now when he's around the menfolk, all the ladies get pushed to the edges, including Sarah! This was prevalent when we went to Sarah & Rob's for Thanksgiving. Jamie was all about hanging with the guys--daddy, Uncle Rob & Ault (and Travis the day of Thanksgiving). But I barely saw the boy those few days because he was attached to the guys at the hip. He even had a cool little room set up under the stairs (courtesy of Uncle Rob) with a little table with comic books & a light:) Rob even took James, Jamie & Ault on a tour of where he worked--they had a blast, and it was super-cool, but I cannot post the pictures. Last, but not least, the Christmas season is upon us. Tonight was the community carol sing & the Methodist Church Jamie & I have attended for awhile now. It was a lot of fun--I got to play bells & sing in the choir. Anyhow, I'm tired for tonight...and I'm sure my next post will be all photos (since this one is all writing) but I suppose it will be ok. At least I'm posting again, right?! :) Happy Christmas!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I know...

It's way past two weeks here---what is going on with me?! I'm crazy busy, that's about the only excuse I have. Well, a lot has happened since my last post with photos, so I shall start (really will this time!) posting photos, descriptions, and then hopefully be current with the goings-on in our family. First off, this is random, but I'm excited about it. Awhile back there was a great deal at Walgreen's (thank you Ruth) for 11x13 posters for free, only paying 1.99 shipping. So I ordered three prints for a future wall in our house and here are the photos I got to frame.

This is one I want to get framed eventually--Sarah took this one and the beautiful one of the snow (it's a view from my parents house)

Now this is going to be a little out of order because I don't want to post a million photos in one post. So the next pictures are of Jamie & his friend Elisha. In August we tried having Elisha stay the night twice, but he wasn't quite ready (we almost made it the second night though!) However, Jamie & Elisha had a blast when they were just playing and hanging out. So here are a couple of pictures of them at the park and playing in the pool. They also played video games and hung out chatting--all in all, a great time. The last photo is of them sitting on a table talking at one of my scrapbook saturday events. Of course, they both closed their eyes-but I promise it was really cute before they realized I was taking a picture!

Here they are playing in the pool--tried getting a shot of both of them jumping, but it didn't work out. Maybe next time!

Take care-Becca

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Post Later....

I know it's been more than two weeks--but I have been trying to enjoy the last of Jamie's summer before he started the 1st grade (that's right, the first grade!). So now that school has started I'm going to start catching up on my blogging. I'm going to try and post a lengthier, picture filled post tonight so until then....
Take care.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A little something

So, two quick awesome things that have made Jamie's day today. 1--he got his hair cut at this place called the Sports Locker and they go the whole nine yards for the menfolk...shampoo, massage (neck & shoulders), warm towel on the face--he absolutely loved it. #2--he has his first loose tooth! It's a lower front one, and he's very, very excited. That's it for now.
Take care-Becca

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quick post

Hey everyone--just wanted to let you know that Jamie is back safe and sound. I am so excited---I got the best hug ever when I met him at Sea-Tac. A running-jump hug & latch of the legs:) Also, the whole flight back he would just look at me and smile and say I love you mama. It was so sweet, I almost cried. Anyhow, that's it for a little while.
Take Care-Becca

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4th of July trip--third & final entry

So this is the third & final entry of our 4th of July trip. It's going to be a lot of pictures seeing as I don't have the patience or skill to make multiple clever entries:) On the fifth we headed up to Tacoma to visit James Aunt Jan & her family. You'll notice in the pictures how they're all least they seem that way to me! And in the picture of the cousins it seems to me that Jamie fits right in and doesn't look too short! Anyhow, we had a good visit--Jamie loved Johanna (James's cousin who's going to be a senior in HS next year) who played with him for a couple of hours. I can't believe she had that much energy...ah, youth! :) That night we went and had dinner at James's mom & stepdad's house. Unfortunately we had to leave early since Jamie had a wee melt down--and those of you who know him know how rare that is! I know he was tired from staying up late on the 4th and playing all morning with Johanna. And, as mentioned earlier, there is a photo of our friend James burning the garbage at my parents house. I think he rather enjoyed it--first the garbage, then an all day bonfire of brush and leaves. On the sixth we spent most of the day in Seattle. We explored and then we went to an M's game. They won and we had awesome seats! On the 7th we just hung out and relaxed before heading out the next day.

James (Ault) burning the trash

burning the bonfire now

The Wuco family (and James) aka The Tall Ones :)--L to R: Ray, Jan, James, Ken, Ryan, & Johanna

The cousins--Ken, Ryan, Johnna, James, & Jamie

Johanna & Jamie

The Seattle skyline from the ferry on the way over

James & James on the ferry

James and I on the ferry (looking at this photo I think I look like his child-bride!)

Qwest Stadium--where the Seahawks play--we're hoping to see a game in Dec. if we go up for Christmas

view from our seats at Safeco

the three of us at the game

Not the best quality (it was dark)--but the three James's watching an M's game (Jamie was wearing his foam finger, M's shirt, M's hat, & M's lounging pants--and was very excited to do so!)

Jamie in his Ichiro hat & M's foam finger

Dad, mom, & Jamie

So there's the photos & the final vacation post. I'm sure I'll remember more tidbits later & will include them in later posts-but for now, I'm excited to go & pick up Jamie tomorrow. So hope everyone has a good week and I shall post in a bit.
Take care-Becca

Monday, July 27, 2009

4th of July, Number 2

So here is the second round of photos from the fourth. Basically lots of photos of fireworks & such.
I thought this one was cute--James & James spent a bit of time doing smoke bombs, sparklers, snakes, etc. with the little ones before the big festivities began. From L to R: Gabe, Jamie, James, Ault, Lindsay (my niece), and McKayla (my niece).

You can't see too many in this photo---but imagine the truck bed full, and that's how many fireworks we got!

I just really liked this picture of everyone looking at the fireworks---Jamie, Lindsay, & James

Not the best quality, but Jamie decided he would run through the smoke.

Gabe with a sparkler

Jamie on the 4th--all the kids got glowing necklaces (the kind you break for Halloween)

The guys lighting the fireworks--Mike, Ault, and James

Ault, James & Mike

A pretty shot of a firework going up:)

That's it for today--I shall post the third (and final round) tomorrow because then I get Jamie back from Nana & Grandpa! And I probably won't post for awhile...and when I do, it will more than likely be photos from his trip.
Take care-Becca